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Branding is a strategy to win loyal customers. It takes a long way before a name becomes a brand. Giving a Logo and Tagline to your business is like giving your business a face. It helps people to recognize you.

It’s not enough if you offer amazing products or excellent services. You have to win hearts and eyes too. Brand recognition is a vital aspect of branding. It has to be achieved through concerted efforts. Branding incorporates everything that you do to give life and personality to your products or services.  It establishes your presence in the market.

Branding has moved beyond the tangible attributes like logo and tag line to the intangible aspects like leadership, reputation, social responsibility, customer satisfaction etc.  An ideal branding strategy will not emphasize one over the other. Both are essential to reach out to customers and stay on top.

Logo and Tagline

You must have an identity so that people can recognize you. You must differentiate yourself from others with your core values. An attractive logo and tagline which reflects your values is the first step towards winning brand recognition.

The logo of a company is a graphic design which stands for it and represents what it does. Logo is a way to communicate to the people. A logo, if meaningfully designed, can strike a chord with people. It becomes so linked to the brand that people cannot think of the product without thinking about the logo. It is like the face of a human being. You may forget the name but the face will be remembered. Creating a logo is like creating the face of the company to give it a visual identity.


A tagline is a short phrase or a sentence which summarizes the company’s philosophy. It expresses your essence and communicates your approach to people. Your tagline is the easiest way to tell people that you exist for them. A well-phrased tagline can align your brand with people.

The logos that last forever are indeed wonders of art. The type of font and the colours used  are as crucial as a meaningful design

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