Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP is a great solution to cut down the complexity in running a business as it could manage and integrate various aspects from planning to marketing on a real-time basis. It allows organizations to capture and share information on different levels thereby allowing a bird’s eye view for them.

ODS offers tailor-made ERP solutions for small and medium companies and start-ups, covering all aspects of their business. These solutions could transform a company by acting as its central nervous system and thereby equip it to gain insights and better results from the existing resources. A few of the capabilities offered by ODS ERP team, which could be implemented separately or as a full package, are:

Inventory and Invoicing

This solution could optimize the inventory cost of a business by determining the right inventory levels based on the sales trends and forecasts. It would also help in managing the suppliers and proper invoicing of products.

Tax Accounting

With the introduction of VAT, tax accounting has become a critical function for all the businesses. Proper collection of VAT from the suppliers and its reporting is a must in the new environment; so, a business with hundreds of suppliers and customers would find it difficult to manage the tax flow in their entire business ecosystem, without a comprehensive ERP based accounting solution. The FTA compliant accounting solution provided by ODS could help a business to optimize the time and resources required for tax accounting and management.

Human Resource Management

ERP solutions for HRM is a great tool for a business as it integrates all data related to the employees including performance reports, salary details, skill gaps, training effectiveness and future talent requirements for different projects. ERP’s ability to integrate data across organization could help businesses to identify resource requirements and surpluses early, thus helping the management to have great performance and cost savings.

Learning Management

Organizations should continuously train and up-skill their employees to remain competitive and drive innovations for the future growth. It is not an easy task to collaborate across various departments for their training needs without losing focus on the overall vision of an enterprise. ODS would be able to simplify the entire learning ecosystem of an organization with its state-of-the-art learning management solutions utilizing the ERP domain.

Point of Sales

By integrating the sales points with inventory management and sales data, the Point of Sales solution could help a business to stay competitive and flexible to meet customer requirements. Also, it offers an ability to switch to different forms of payment that suits customers’ needs. Today’s market place demands constant collection of customer data and tweaking of your sales tactics according to the changes in their behavior. Such information gathering and intelligence dissemination could become quite tiresome, especially if an organization is running hundreds of sales counters or retail shops. Point of Sales solution from ODS would make it easy to manage all such requirements without much hassle and involve everyone in an organization in a seamless manner.

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