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Custom web design

Custom web design involves learning and understanding about business and applying a sound process of strategy, design execution, user experience, programming and marketing to form a successful online business presence.
Custom web design is all about:

  • Aesthetically pleasing the customers
  • Build with simplicity
  • Content that compels customers

Custom web designing is not all about adding attractive colors, images and themes; it’s about understanding the business goals and strategy to implement the right creative elements, so that your website becomes a perfect representation of your business on the web.
Tips for a custom web design:

  • Make your website easy to navigate
  • Make your website memorable
  • Leave a room for improvement

An effective website must have the following elements:

  • Clear message
  • Value to the customer
  • Strong call to action
  • Navigability
  • Social engagement
  • Mobile friendly

Having a custom web design will help your business in different ways:

  • Makes your brand stand out in a positive way, with the unique design
  • Helps in creating your own business identity via the internet
  • Makes your website truly yours and thus helps your customers and other visitors to remember your website
  • They are SEO friendly and well suited for online marketing

Website Redesigning:

Website redesign is done in order to increase the traffic to the website, to attract more customers. It will help you to:

  • To align your website with growing business
  • To build your authority with quality design
  • Increase your conversation rate and engagement with your content, products, services etc.
  • To improve the user experience across different platforms
  • Make your web products consistent with the brand identity

Responsive Website Design:

Responsive website design allows the contents to flow across multiple devices, which increases the engagement and effectiveness.

Mobile friendliness is recognized as a strong ranking signal. In addition to PCs if you optimize your website for tablets and smartphones, it will attract more traffic, more engagement and generates more leads.

How we do it:

On receiving a bid from a client for web designing and development, a project manager would be assigned by ODS for coordinating with them. The client would be encouraged to share all the details about the requirement and the project manager would ensure that the design and development teams would work in tandem to achieve the agreed objective.
The team would give a mock-up/design to the client and would incorporate client feedback on every phase of the development. Once the final approval is obtained, the website would be live in less than 48 hours and all rights pertaining to the website would be transferred to the client.

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