Quality Assurance

Manual Testing

Testing is an important aspect while developing software; it is the process in which defects or bugs in a program are brought to attention and corrective actions are taken. In manual testing, the tester usually follows a written plan and covers a set of important test cases. In this testing mode, a tester plays the role of an end user to check all aspects of a program. The test report prepared by the tester is used by managers for further action.


In automation the testing is done using specialized testing software and to compare the actual results with the predicted outcomes. It is a high end process which could be effectively carried by the ODS team.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a web application development framework designed to simplify web application programming through assumptions about the basics every developer needs to get started. It follows two major guiding principles: Don’t Repeat Yourself and Convention Over Configuration. This system is widely accepted with many high profile consumer web firms adopting Ruby on Rails. ODS is the right partner for you to develop web platforms on this framework.

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